Nov / 13

2006 kia spectra trouble code P0748?

                        I have a 2006 kia spectra lx with a 2.0 DOHC. I have been having problems with a P0748 trouble code. It comes up as a pressure control solenoid problem. I did buy one and put it in. It didn't work. It does fine when starting cold but after driving for about an hour in suddenly locks into third gear and sets the code. sometimes I can shut off the car and it will work again for a while. I checked with an ohm meter and it was within spec. I then tried checking it with it hot and got an open reading. I replaced it thinking that was it for sure but nope still does it. Ive heard of other people having the problem but no answers yet. The dealer doesn't even work on them they just replace them. Does anybody have any help