Oct / 10

After infection, wisdom tooth extraction hole won't heal.?

                        I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed back in August. It is now October. None of the teeth were impacted, and I just had them removed out of precaution before I went away to college. I'm 20, and female.
While the extraction sites on the right side healed well, the lower left-hand site has been causing me a lot of problems. 

First, the stitches came out way before it had started really healing, and I was left with a rather large hole in the gum. I have cleaned this part out pretty well since the surgery, and took vitamin K as an effort to get the blood to coagulate (I think a bit of my cleaning disturbed the initial blood clot). However, soon after I moved, I got an infection on the site, which seemed to have a flap of flesh in front of it, making me think it had finally healed over. I used the tip of my mouth syringe to push it over, though, and a lot of pus flowed out of the hole. I also noticed swelling in my jaw area, which made me concerned that the infection would cause permanent damage to my jaw.

I got a dosage of penicillin, but turned out to be allergic to it. However, I took the recommended dosage (seven days), and everything looked fine for about a week. I continued cleaning, think that it would begin to heal again, but the infection came back, not nearly as strong. I have been using a hydrogen peroxide solution to fight this off, and there is minimal pus now with no swelling.

However, I am concerned, because there is no sign of it healing anymore, and I can feel bony bits in the hole with my tongue. I'm not sure whether this is the root of the tooth in front of it, or a fragment that is trying to push its way out. Could this be causing the infection, or is the infection just preventing my gums from healing, and compromising the teeth around the site?

I am also concerned, because the upper site on that side feels cleft. Is this normal? It isn't painful, and doesn't cause any other problems. I just want to make sure it has healed correctly.

I know I should go to a doctor, but I am living in a large city that I don't know well, a college student, and would like to have an idea of what is going on before I visit a doctor (as I always do).