Feb / 24

Anyone Know Step by Step How to get rid of NGINX?

                        Welcome to NGINX shows up  revealing a blank white window or 404 Error when I search google, bing or yahoo so I cannot use the web. I have tried to change host file: I went to search and opened run right click to find Run as Administrator, nothing is there....in menu found notepad right clicked it... it opens but nothing is there. How can I get to host file as Run as Administrator so I can address this issue. I tried Hijackthis, it is not allowed to do anything. Then I went to search, run typed in the word notepad and then C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and the host file comes up. I looked and compared what is says to what I am told is to be there and see   #       localhost and under it #       ::1             localhost and am told only the first 127.0.01 localhost should be there to remove the rest under that. But can't do anything because I can't Run as Administrator. I went to preferences and to advanced, clicked on Run as Administer, ok, but still I am not allowed or it don't show up to choose as Run as Administrator. I surely would apprecaite any help getting this right. I am concerned that something has taken over my computer and this Welcome to  NGINX is NOT welcome at all....!!! I have ran Superanti spyware, Malwarebytes anti malware, and Target Fire, along with I have Microsoft Security Essentials...all reporting there is nothing wrong...  SO PLEASE tell me what is wrong?