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Beowulf (Three Questions)?

                        I'm not asking for answers. I'm pretty sure I have the right ones, I just want someone to check them for me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

1.   Which of the following best describes Beowulf’s rhetoric?
A) He is humble and measures his words.
*** B) He is boastful and uses elevated language. (?)
C) He is arrogant and challenges his listeners.

2.   Which of the following elements most reflects the pagan warrior culture in Beowulf? 
*** A) belief in fate (?)
B) respect for the enemy
C) compassion for the weak

3.   What Anglo-Saxon value motivates the Geats to build a statue of Beowulf at the end of the poem? 
A) a pride in loyalty
*** B) a taste for boasting (?)
C) a desire for vengeance

Again thanks. and I'll give best answer 10 points.
  • MOSS Jan 19
    yep, all right! except for 3. it is A NOT B.