Sep / 07

Can I use a Marine / RV Charger on a regular car battery?

                        I just bought a used Everstart WM-51A-PE10 Amp charger.   It says is a Boating/RV charger.  fully automatic/Manual charger.output is 10Amps at 12Volts.  

How is a Deep cycle charger different from a standard charger?

Can I use it to charge a regular car battery?  Any recommendations on what to do?

I can not find a manual for the above charger closest I found is this one SF-51A-PE. anyone know the difference between the two chargers? Any one have a WM-51A-PE10 manual they would be willing to scan or compare to the SF-51A-PE models manual? 

Is the WM-51A-PE10 Charger a good charger?