Nov / 12

canker sore on lingual frenulum?

                        Today, when I was brushing my teeth, I felt a sharp pain when I maneuvered my tongue. I examined my mouth and found that I have a white-ish circular marking on my lingual frenulum. I stuck out my tongue to check if it was the problem. It hurt. I went back to bed, figuring it was nothing to be concerned about. But, at the moment, I have a cold, so every time I cough it hurts. I checked every site I could find, and found out it could be an ulcer or canker sore. Can either be on your lingual frenulum? The sites I read wrote that that they are found on your cheeks,the soft palate, or your tongue. Can anyone help me, and give any suggestions to make the pain stop, or heal quicker? Thanks. Oh BTW, it is definitely NOT herpes.
  • johnny english Jan 01
    I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. Did you discovered what could that be?