Sep / 05

Dailymotion videos aren't working and won't load! Why can't I see anything?

                        For some reason, for a few days now, I can't seem to get any of the videos from Dailymotion to load. Everything will load on the screen but where the video would usually load and play, I just get a blank white area. Sometimes I might get a black box, but nothing will load (Family Filter Off).

I tried opening a random video like this :

Using IE (7.0.6), I just get a black box--the video won't load.
Using Firefox (3.0.19), just an empty space.

Why won't the videos load?
  • Ebest Jan 20
    You r not Alone....I evn Upgraded My Flash-Player bt all Efforts in-vain...Seems they are Using CHEAP or CHINA Made FAKE Computers for their INTERNET DATA base Storage...YOUTUBE remains the Best and Metacafe...and Millions of others. "Dailymotion" has Lost it Completely...Very SOON they'll be Fund-raising from door to door so as to gatherfunds to buy New-n-Original Equipments bcz they Honestly acknowledge that CHEAP is in Real sense EXPENSIVE.
  • Bob Oct 04
    OMG guys WHO IN HELL cares about people who say " I have the same problem I do understand you buddy" ???!!!!! 
    NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT, please do not answer if you don't have the solution so that when someone comes with it it's clear for everyone. I'm sick that on every site where people aske specific questions about a problem 99% of the answers are from people just saying "I know i have same problem so sad".