Sep / 18

good excuse for a no call no show?

                        okay a really good friend of mine missed work last night she works 3rd shift at a nursing home
she fell asleep and her phone was off so her Alarm didn't go off.
well she woke up this morning and seen that she missed work .
she missed a few days be for but she all ways called in like her son broke his arm 
, she got in to a domestic violence situation & she was sick in the hospital
with pneumonia . she had to show paper work for all these times missed.
she can not afford to lose her job right now so i need the best excuse in the world for her 
right now. she is at work now and will call me on brake she needs something by 8pm 
so please help me 

oh and she doesn't like the death in the family excuse because the last time she used
it someone died the next week.