Nov / 17

Has anyone used EDTA Keladine creme?

  • SJ Jun 20
    I have used and think it's a real breakthrough. What convenient way to get EDTA into my body. I highly recommend!
    Amazon's got some. link here
  • Natalie Thornton Jun 27
    I have used it and I immediately pleased that some pain in the lower leg above my heal went away within 5 days.  I even did not use my walker as much.  I feel great, but I do want to caution and please do follow instructions carefully.  I was feeling so good I decided to put it on both morning and night.  On the fourth day I noticed some body pain.  I took some magnesium and the minerals and the pain left in 5 minute., however I rubbed the Keladine Creme on again  in morning and night. The next morning I had severe body pain.  I took my remedy again and the pain went away in 10 minutes.  Evidently the creme takes out the minerals from the body.  I'm a nurse and I should have known they wouldn't give you this if it wasn't needed.  I am on the two days of abstinence.from the creme, I have also started vitamlns as well as the minerals. I feel great again I am 89,
  • Maud Wilson Aug 30
    Has Any one used EDTA Keladine Creme with success?
  • Daniel Sep 18
    Have used oral chelation for over 2yrs and decided to try Keladine Creme and have done so for almost 3 months.
    It seems to be as effective or possibly more so than the oral EDTA. It is more convenient to use than taking 10 capsules twice a day to equal the once a day creme application.
    There is no technical or pharacutical reason skin application can't be as effective and better than oral medication according all I have read on the subject of transdermal medication applications.
    hope this is of value to others and would like to hear of other folks experience with Keladine  Creme.
  • MELVIN Dec 12
    I tried the creme and it did drop my pressure from 145/85 to 112/66 in 3 weeks
    and cholesterol 186 down to146 just could not afford it . And it makes you sleep like
    a baby. Going to get more when I get extra cash. I'm 49
  • Ron Flanigan Mar 11
    how does edta keladine cream get into the blood stream through the skin?
  • Cin Hus Mar 14
    I received this 32 page pamphlet in the mail on this... read every page. It states that it will "Remove heavy metals". Just like antibiotics kill good bacteria along with the bad... so does this remove important minerals from your body, so if you're going to use it... you MUST TAKE A MINERAL SUPPLEMENT and I wouldn't go to Walmart and get the cheapest stuff you can find... you get what you pay for! Go to a reputable health store and get something natural, no synthetic drugs... you'll be adding more bad chemicals to your body!!! I also don't know about being on this long term unless you are continually exposed to toxic chemicals! It can't be good to take one thing that removes everything good and take a supplement to replace it for very long! Not sure how long it should take to achieve what is necessary, 3-6-9-12 months... ask your health care provider for advice!