Nov / 02

how much does ground service make hourly at ASIG?

                        Not as a mechanic, heres a job description: 

Responsible for loading, unloading, stowing, baggage, freight, and cargo and the operation of automotive and other ramp equipment and maintaining the ramp area, building, and equipment in a clean, presentable condition. Duties include, but are not limited to, loading and unloading of baggage/cargo; chocking aircraft; connecting electrical power unit to aircraft; positioning passenger stairs/jetway to aircraft; replenishing water supply and servicing lavatories; connecting tow bar and tug for push back or towing aircraft; providing airstart and air conditioning; operating headset/radio to provide communication between ground crew, flight crew, and tower, cleaning line equipment and ramp areas; knowing and complying with all safety procedures; checking-in baggage when required; and the ability to comply with attendance/tardiness standards.