Feb / 09

How to disable SmartSync as non-admin?

                        It's really annoying that I get a popup every time when I log in at school in a particular classroom, that "Internet Access has been restricted." Some of the other kids don't even get this popup, and they can get on YouTube when I can't. I never used YouTube that much at school...in fact, I know other students that use it much more frequently than I do. So, my question is, how do I disable SmartSync as a user with very limited rights on the system.

OS is WinXP SP3 v5.1.2600, logged on over LAN with the Novell client. I don't want to do anything intrusive, I just want to get on YouTube so I can listen to music while I do my work, so I can't use blackmail, and I don't want to do something that would definitely get me suspended/expelled. Also, I'd like to mention the school system is FWCS (Google it) which is notorious for being overly protective of the activity on its intranet, but also having serious problems like crappy computers from 2005.