Aug / 03

How to heal gum soreness/cut on gums?

                        Recently I had this problem and went to the dentist they told me that I cut my gums eating something hard! Like a chip or something that cut have cut it. Well it went away. Well it came back again. It have orajel that numbs it! Its not a bad pain. Its like a bee sting sorta pain. I have mouth wash the dentist gave and been using warm salt water. I try my best not to eat on that side! 

The other side of my mouth is finally healing from a cut on that side! So its hard! I am trying to eat soft chewy ffoods and nothing hard to heal these cuts.. How do you prevent cuts?

I was eating a milky way Sunday-thats when the pain happen on Monday! It never bothered me until MOnday when I started having the pain on the gum! What can I do besides what I am doing?