Feb / 12

HTC HD2 SD kernel open failed, help?

                        Ok so my friend gave me his htc hd2 for tmobile and he had so much crap I didn't want on it that wuld take forever to delete so I figured id factory reset so I can have it brand new and create evrything I wanted, but now that I factory resetted, everytime I startup the phone it says "SD kernel open failed" and when I hit "boot WPH" it ends up loading up to this menu that reads "Storage card not working" and it says to reove the sd card or replace it, I've removed and re inserted and same thing, I tried loading it up without a sd card and still nothing, I did some research and foundout that I have to download roms and programs to get this phone to start? Ugh idk its just frustrating to know that it doesn't load up fully like a normal phone would, its like some kinda computer which is cool but still I'm getting so irritated, can sombody plz just tell me what to do becuz I heard that you can brick your phone if not handled carefully and I don't want to mess up mine. Also after countless tries on the boot menu I ended up doing a hardreset from the boot menu and also factory resetting again with holding the volume and power controls down, so idk if that may have caued an issue but I'm hoping it can be resolved, thanks!