Nov / 30

i have a PowerPro Dynamite Auto Power 600a DP600 battery charger, where can i get another a/c wall charger for?

                        looking for a a/c wall charger for this unit, where is the website for this company, or where can i buy another charger adapter
  • Phil W Aug 17
    I'd try Radio Shack-or something similar.
  • darwitch Apr 13
    Youll need to rig one. get you an ac to dc adapter sold at Advance auto parts over where they have the inverters. then go and get you a wire to lighter socket adapter. take your old charger and cut wire where ever will get you the longest cord on the plug into battery part of charger. white striped wire is positive. rig up the lighter adapter to the cord. you now can actually charge your battery through your outlet in your car. plug into ac to dc adapter and plug into wall.
  • chris Apr 23
    Darwitch, Thats a good idea but does the 500ma and or the exactly 12vdc have anything to do with the charge. I used a 13.5v 500ma and after charging one jump pack  I think it burned out. (charger got real hot and no more power )