Sep / 29

is a scam site?

                        I have never seen prices this low, and they seem to be lower than other known scam sites. If it is a SORTPRICE certified merchant, does that make any difference?
  • Kyle Dec 08
    I ordered a product from the website and was called several days later by the company to "verify" my order and to try and up-sale me on another product.  They stated that EVERYTHING on their website is overseas (Malaysia) manufactured and that they were surprised I didn't order the US version...which is not even on the website.  When I asked when about the delivery time on my original order they said it was on "pre-order" and I had now been waiting 3 months.   When I asked about the physical address to write in for complaints I was told by Thomas in customer service that "He was not going to waste any more time with me" and he hung up.  These people are sketchy at best and outright criminals in my mind.  STAY AWAY!
  • Bai Costal Apr 26
    I was emailed by soon after placing my order. They wanted my credit card security code and then did the bait and switch:  I needed to order a "battery pack" even though my camera packet came with one (guy said "battery pack" was just the container with no battery in it). Was told "battery pack" cost $299.  Was also offered an SD card--for $199.  When I declined these bargains, my order was never shipped.  I've emailed them several times; so far, they haven't answered but they also haven't charged me credit card.  I'll have to keep an eye on billings, however, as scams like this initially post small charges that one might not notice, and then do the big ones later.