Dec / 08

Is Global Talent Management (GTM) Australia a legit company or am i being scammed?

                        I recently got a call from a company called Global Talent Management. I have heard that if a company asks for money straight up it is most likely a scam. Although i have been talking to them through email and over the phone and the only fee they have mentioned is a $249 booking fee for my showreel, where they have also mentioned that they are willing to invest $1200 into my showreel if i pay this fee. Has anyone delt with this company before or know anything about it. Thanks.
  • Victoria Dec 14
    I got the same call today, and from the research I've done so far, its not legit for any company to ask for ANY amount of money until you've landed a job through them and they get commission. Also, I suspect if you tell them you've got a showreel already done professionally, they'll find another way to charge you money or insist it has to be done by them. Don't go for them-I'm not!