May / 17

Is there a list of Caps from

                        Hi, I'm registered at and I'm trying to collect 15 Caps for the Rock Star Cap. So far I have around 18 Caps and I need 6 more.

Caps I have include:
Scholarship Fanatic (apply for 2 scholarships or more)
Scholarship Hound (apply for your first scholarship)
Profile Complete (complete your profile)
Facebook Like ("like" your favorite colleges on Facebook)
Welcome Back! (for coming back to check out what's new)
Join the college discussion! (for joining a college discussion)
May! (not quite sure, probably for signing on in May)
Road Warrior (planning a college trip using Cappex Campus Visit Planner)
Scholarship Points (for checking out the scholarship points program)
Volunteer (add a volunteer experience to your profile)
Family Ties (adding a family alma mater in the More About You section)
La La LLLAAAAA! (adding vocals to your profile)
Instrumentals! (adding an instrument to your profile)
Artsy (add an art to your profile)
Performer (add a performing activity to your profile)
Yeehaw! (living in a Western State)
Leader (add a leadership example to your profile)
Sporty (adding a sport to your profile)
Fit Search (use the Criteria Search feature)

I'd appreciate anyone adding their own Caps that I haven't listed! :)