Jul / 03

LTS Legal Order Fee....?

                        I share 2 banking accounts with my fiancé both of which are primarily in my name. The 2 accounts are completely separate in terms of personal use. His account is for him and he uses his card, has his checks directed deposited and mine is the same way. I have many credit issues most of which are student loan related and within the last 3 months I have entered into a debt management plan for various medical and credit bills and have consolidated all my private and federal loans. On my credit report it shows all my student loans and varies credit, medical loans etc. However, on June 29 my fiancé's account has 2 LTS Legal Order charges for $100 and $335 coming out of his account. I was never notified of a court order or that I was being sued, my bank (Bank of America) never notified that funds would be frozen or removed from this company. I'm not sure whats going on, tomorrow we will be going up and getting our accounts separated, the one will be in his name entirely. Will this be enough for them to not touch his account? Does anyone know anything about an LTS Legal Order, is there a way to stop it or contact these people and find out who they are? By the way I reside in California. Please help!

Also, I have read that LTS is a charge stemming from IRS but I have no IRS or random collection company on my credit report. If this would be tax related would it show up on my credit report?