Oct / 17

My 2000 Chevy Silverado Z71's heater will not work I am curious what the problem could be?

                        I talked to my stepdad about it he basically told me to put in a new thermostat beings that they are cheap and that is a typical problem with heaters, well I did an nothing changed. I have noticed that if I leave the heater off for a while when I turn it on I get about two minuets of warm air then it goes back to being decently cold, not as cold as the AC but cold enough not to run in the winter! I have looked at other forums and such and am guessing it might be the Heater Core which is decently expensive in Labor unless my armature self tries to get it in myself. What do you think it could be?
  • Brandon Davis Dec 13
    Most of the time if the thermistat does not work right it will couse the truck to over heat...question is the heck engin light on ...i have a 2000 siverado with z71 with the same problem check engin light says heater circute malfuction  you should try this