Oct / 12

My front bottom teeth hurt when I bite down?

                        My two bottom front teeth hurt when I bite down on them. They're not loose. Its kind of a sharpish dull pain (if you can understand that) and it feels like it coming from my teeth, not my gums. I'm 15.

I went to my dentist a 4 weeks ago for a checkup (I think they hurt then to).She said my teeth were fine, but to stop drinking pop (I drink 4-5 cans a day) and to start flossing. 

Which i haven't yet, I still drink pop (its hard to stop) and I can never remember to floss. I try to brush once a day, but I sometimes forget and I don't end up brushing for two or three days.

What could this be? Would stop drinking pop help? or start flossing help?