Aug / 23

My teeth ache only on one side of my mouth?

                        I had a cavity that was close to the nerve on one of my teeth on the lower right side of my mouth. Sometime after that (not sure how much time had passed since then) my lower right side started to ache. The tooth that had the cavity filled is one of the teeth that ache but none of them hurt more that the others. I wear a night-guard (my lower right jaw pops in and out of place but its never been a sever issue before) and i noticed that after i had the cavity filled that one particular tooth had a shot of pain go through it everytime i put the night-guard in or took it out. I went back to the dentist and they fixed my night-guard so it doesn't hurt anymore. My mouth normally aches at night (or that's when i seem to notice it the most) and i noticed it starts with the tooth that got filled and then quickly moves to the other teeth. The ache has moved upwards to my upper mouth too, so now the pain is from the filled tooth on the bottom of my mouth on the right side, up to the top of my mouth to the tooth on the upper right that is right above the filled tooth. The dentist told me after i got my night-guard fixed that i had a 50/50 chance of having to get a root-canal or my tooth healing on its own. I take ibuprofen everytime it hurts (the dentist told me to take that 3 times a day for the next several weeks to help the nerve or something like that) and after about 15-20 mins it feels better. The ache isn't constant, it doesn't happen everynight and doesn't happen at the same time. Any ideas on whats wrong and what i should do? My mom would really rather not go back to the dentist. Also, lately i've noticed my right nostril is acting like it does when i have a cold. My wisdom teeth haven't been pulled yet but they're all coming out at the same pace and i'm getting them pulled either during winter break or spring break this year. Thank you!