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Online Traffic School Final Questions and Answers?

                        1 Cruise control should not be used__________.
on an expressway
at night
in the rain
on the interstate
2 Highway hypnosis is related to ____________.
physical illness
driving in low visibility
drowsy driving
wet weather driving
3 One major advantage of push/pull steering from the low-hand position is________.
enhanced vehicle control because the arms stay close to the body and maintain a more stable vertical body position
it combines control of steering and acceleration
it results in less leg fatigue
the elimination of reduced vehicle load transfer
4 If you have a choice of what you are going to hit in a crash, hit the object ____________.
that will cause the most damage
that appears to be the sturdiest
that appears to be the heaviest
that will transfer the least force
5 If you can see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights ahead, ______.
get as close as you can
turn on your flashers to help the emergency vehicle
make a U-turn
do not follow too closely
6 Risk while driving is defined as the probability of _______, damage or loss.
7 Safety belts are designed_______.
to unbuckle automatically
to automatically release on impact
with an emergency locking mechanism
to automatically buckle
8 If you need to send a text message while driving, __________.
make sure to keep two hands on the wheel
it is illegal to send text messages while driving
hold your phone up so your field of view remains on the road
make sure to keep one hand on the wheel
9 Using an octane rated higher than your vehicle______.
will improve your air conditioning
gives it more power
does not increase power
will increase your vehicle's value
10 Alcohol is quick to find its way to the brain because ______.
the brain contains more blood
the brain is nearest to your mouth
the brain has the most activity
of the brain's elevated location
11 In general, for males it takes the liver up to ________ to process approximately one drink.
4 hours
10 minutes
3 hours
1 hour
12 Aggressive drivers__________two to four times more people than alcohol-impaired drivers.
cut off
13 Alcohol begins to affect you__________after it enters your body.
approximately 50 minutes
approximately 90 minutes
14 After you start your vehicle, ensure that the ___________ are off.
auto locks
warning lights
audio warnings
15 If you see brake lights in a traffic jam ahead, __________to warn them they will have to slow down soon by slightly tapping on your brakes.
signal to drivers ahead
signal to drivers behind
activate your turn signal
tap on your horn
16 Which factor can affect an individual's BAC?
all of the above are correct
number of drinks
17 One of the most important things you can do while driving is to concentrate on the__________of your passengers.
food consumption
18 Among those killed, teenage drivers have the highest death rates per miles driven among all age groups, followed by elderly drivers and young ________.
bus drivers
adult females
adult males
19 When you are tired your _________ shrinks.
near sightedness
ability to discern color
peripheral vision
20 If you are a passenger and have your seat reclined with your safety belt on, in the event of a crash, ______.
you are secured properly
you are risk free
you have more protection from knee-impact air bags
your body could slide forward, increasing the chance of injury
21 If you are involved in a collision and the vehicles are still operational, _______.
immediately take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic
move them out of traffic
move them to the opposite side of the road
move them away from each other
22 While you are passing on a two-lane road, _________.
pass on the right if the shoulder is clear
identify a safe space to return
turn on your emergency lights
accelerate above the speed limit
23 Begin to assess your risk related to the three main elements of driving before getting behind the wheel; evaluate your own well-being, ___________, and your vehicle.
roadway conditions
external distractions
24 Young children can sustain serious injuries from ______, which deploy even in a low speed crash.
cargo nets
head restraints
air bags
25 Driving decisions depend on learned information, realistic perceptions and _____.
visual acuity
sound judgments
physical well-being
20/20 vision