Dec / 09

Peremptory Calendar Civil Case?

                        I just got a letter to go to court for a "special set peremptory calendar" in a week.  Is it too late to send the plaintiff (a debt collector) a letter/motion for discovery?  They sent me one along with interrogatories, but I denied each point since I have no info/proof from them of the account details, etc.  I initially put in my answer that I wanted them to provide a copy of the contract, detailed info of what they are claiming I owe, etc.  They haven't even provided me an account number.  I also stated in the interrogatories and admission of fact that I couldn't admit to anything without proof from them.  Is it too late to push them to prove their case or will the judge require that they prove their case at this status hearing?  What generally happens during a peremptory calendar for this type of case?  I am in the state of Georgia if that helps.  I would hire a lawyer, but I am unemployed and can't.  Thanks in advance!