Dec / 19

Please! I really need this.?

                        What does it say about the Franks and the van Daans, that they were willing to take in another person? Please list at least two Bible verses that address this situation.

Why did Mr. Dussel take a few days to get ready to go into the Secret Annex? What does this tell you about him?

After reading about Hanukkah and St. Nicholas, answer these questions: Point out the parallels between the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Europe and that of the Hebrews under Antiochus. What are the differences? What would the reaction be at the Secret Annex if Sinterklaas really came knocking?

What is Anne's attitude toward her life? Is she one of those waiting for death? Do any of the people in the Annex feel that way? 

I have been looking for the answers for 3 days. It is due tomorrow. Please someone help me. Whoever helps me first will be chosen as best answer.