Sep / 06

retro fitness membership cancellation.?

                        I am currently trying to cancel my retro fitness contract, because I have started school which has a gym and in turn I will no longer be using retro fitness. both the gym and the financial company are giving me a hard time regarding the cancellation of my membership and to me is really unneeded stress. I have never canceled a contract before and I really need some help on how I should go about this. the gym is claiming that I signed a one year contract and I cannot cancel. but no where on my copy of the contract says I am obligated for one year. money is really tight for me and I really need this extra money. so again how should I go about canceling this contract? and what should I do if there refusing to cancel my membership? I am really in need on some advice.   
 - thanks for helping me out I really appreciate it. 
-  I would post up a copy of my contract but the ones that are online are different than the one I have for some reason. 
- if additional info is needed please let me know.
  • gino Apr 10
    there is something in th e agreement related to moving more than 25 miles away from the location you opened your member ship. If you have moved, or have a realtive more than 25 miles away, you will need to produce a drivers license with the new address, and perhaps a telephone bill