Oct / 04

Rosetta Stone Detecting Mic Issues?

                        I recently purchased Rosetta Stone (Japanese Version) and I got everything set up correctly except the Rosetta Stone will not detect the mic. The mic I am using is actually an Xbox headset plugged into a wired USB controller. Now I know that the computer detects the mic and its running fine. I go into Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording and my headset is there as the default device (and the sound bars on the right move when I talk). I've gone through the Configure Speech options and all that, but I've had no luck. I even turned on playback to the speakers and loaded up Rosetta Stone and talked through the mic hearing myself through the speakers but Rosetta was telling me that there was no mic. So I figured that the computer itself has no problem with the mic, its just Rosetta Stone. Does anyone have an ideas on how to resolve this issue? Any help is appreciated!!
  • Michael Nov 21
    If you would have "purchased" it, it comes with an headset at all times, which would have worked out of the box.
  • Vaughn Dec 27
    I use a company licensed web-based version of Rosetta Stone and am having the same issues (with a regular usb microphone). He may or may not have "purchased" it, but I didn't technically "purchase" it though I am certainly using it legally, so save the attitude. If there is anybody who actually has some helpful information I'd like to hear it. Thanks.
  • Giggly Puff Jan 09
    I had the same problem. My school setup a rosetta stone account for me online, but i didn't feel like buying a new headset so of course the 360 head set. Anyway from talking to my brother who happens to go to school for computer engineering he says that headsets are built with certain codes that are detected both by your computer and some programs. There are many different codes that can be put into these headsets. unfortunately though the 360 headsets probably don't have one of the code detectable by rosetta stone. I myself don't know if this is really correct as i've never studied technological items like head sets but i hope i helped in some way
  • Jim Ler Roy May 06
    For some reason Windows 7 automatically installs Rosetta Stone in Win XP compatibility mode.  Look for this and uncheck the compatibility box.  Microphone comes right up.