Jul / 30

samsung t528g problems?

                        when i go to my inbox or to send a message, it says initializing. its been like that for 4 hours. i just bought new minutes for it and its still saying i have 0 service days and when i go to my straight talk account it says my minutes are good. but i don't understand what the initializing thing means. i need helllppp. thanks. : )
  • tammra Aug 03
    mine does the same thing and it is driving me crazy im not sure why it does this.. this is the second time it has done this to me and the first time was for only like 5 min but this time its been doing it for hours..
  • Tito Aug 27
    i replaced my sim card for my phone and it worked fine then today i didnt even turn it off or anythin it jus started say initializing for my contacts and messages
  • Jeremy Dec 29
    Mine's been doing that every once in a blue moon. It also randomly shuts off and on, unlocks in my pocket and deletes my contacts, and the screen kinda freezes. At first I liked this phone and now I hate it.
  • Jon Mar 16
    @Jeremy: My samsung t528g is doing the exact same thing, except it seems to only delete the names of my contacts so now I have a bunch of numbers, good thing I only work with a few hundre people.//sarc//
    This is headed to the circular file first chance I get.