Sep / 12

What bug bit me in bed? Raised bump on neck with 3 holes / fang marks?

                        I woke up and started itching a spot on my neck, just over the carotid.. the itching intensified and I figured to myself this was a bug bite, and sure enough I felt a raised bump. Looking in the mirror, it's around 1/4" across, and has 3 "fang" marks inside the bump itself, in a triangle almost. What kind of bug is this? I get these bites fairy rarely in bed, sometimes once every two weeks on my leg, and stuff like that. It doesn't seem like bed bugs as i've looked all over my mattress for signs, and found very few.
  • Patty Sep 12
    I had the same thing on my arm last January.  Didn't even see the bite until it got infected and I ended up in the hospital for 5 nights with a strep infection.  If you find out what bit you, please respond.  I am so freaked out and have nightmares about bugs now.
  • RUtah Jan 31
    A little late reply but I too have the same bites!! Have no idea what or how to get rid of them!!! Annoying as all get out! I've searched the Internet & come up nothing that leaves 3 holes in a half of triangle sort of way! Any body out there with help??