Oct / 12

What happens if I just stop showing up for work?

                        So I work part time at a Co-op grocery store in Canada in the bakery department.  There are about 12 employees in that section all together so we are all fairly close.  I work about 35 hours a week so almost full time hours.  I had a 2 day weekend this week and when it came back to go to work on Monday, I realized I had slept in and just said screw it, I don't wanna go back.  My manager is kind of a b*tch. I have to work almost every night and weekends, so I barely have a social life.  Everyone talks about eachother behind their backs and the scheduling is just stupid.  I decided I am not going back.  They called me monday when I didn't show up, twice, but never left a message.  There is no way I am going back in because it would just be embarrassing trying to explain where I was Monday, as I did not even call in.  And they would probably try to talk me into staying since they are already short staffed.  I don't want to phone in and quit either.  Soo I decided I am just not going to show up for my other 4 shifts this week.  Ya, it will screw them over a bit, but I really don't care anymore.  As far as references go, my manager won't give a reference anyway, so I wouldn't put her on my resume and I don't plan on working for a co-op in the future.  I know if you don't show up to work 3 times, they fire you.  I'm just wondering..they can't like track me down or take me to court or anything or call my parents to see where I disappeared to can they? (I'm 20, but i think my parents name and number are on my application.) I know this is irresponsible blah blah blah, but I really don't care anymore. Basically I am hoping I don't show up for my next 3 shifts or call in, I'm going to ignore any calls and just assume after that I am fired. Is it that simple?