Jul / 02

What happens if you put brake fluid where the power steering goes?

                        its been about 30 hours since i put the brake fluid where the power steering fluid goes! But the car has (as of now) been driven a total of about 40 minutes....

i actually just ADDED brake fluid accidentally, so i would say the steering fluid is about 65 % and the rest is brake fluid.... i am planning to drain the entire power steering today this evening...

i have heard the brake fluid can destroy the inside of the car because its very corrossive?? PLEASE tell me you guys that i can still save it by this evening!!! has it been too long!!???  Car details in case you want to know: Chevy Malibu 2003.. thats all i pretty much know about the car...

  • mosco Feb 12
    fill it up with tomato sauce then stick a large patato on the exhaust pipe, then start the car.
    the confusion of the backfire in the engine will make the engine cough up the exess fluids
    if that dosent work then change the battery. Please let me know what happened (eagerly waiting)