Jul / 30

What is a QRMT PYMT from Bank Of America?

                        Bank of America made the following transaction from my USAA account. NO ONE!!! can tell me what it means. This is what the USAA website says: 6-17-2011 BANK OF AMERICA QRMT Pymt
 ***********ACEY ACH WITHDRAWAL (74.79)
 I have asked 5 BofA employees including a manager at my local bank, and 4 people from USAA and no one has ever heard of it. More scarey is that BofA has no record of EVER having that amount come thru my account. USAA, though nice, are not being helpful. Any advice?
  • Ron Oct 31
    On our Bank of American Fork, it was a payment by phone to our Bank of America business credit card.