Nov / 12

What is the hiring process for Walmart Distribution Center?

                        I recently had filled out the online application for Walmart Dist. and I got called to come in for a physical assesment (i'm told this is new for walmart).  I knew I did good but the guy told us that we would be mailed our results within 5 business days.  The very next day I got called for an interview, without even knowing my results (i'm assuming they were good to get called).  Went in for my interview, which was kind of just wierd "what would you do in the situation" type questions, I was told to look over my app. to make sure everything was correct and then was told the next step would be either getting a letter in the mail saying basically, thanks but no thanks.. or a phone call stating where they wanted to go from here and I would get one of these within two weeks.  It's been a week and still haven't heard anything.  Does this sound good or bad?  Anyone out there work at a Dst. Center that can give me any info?  I'd really appreciate it, THANKS!