Oct / 28

What's the difference between 2057/3057 bulbs?

                        I have a 2002 camaro and I am digging those 5-arm spider bulbs for tail lights. I go online and ask the seller if this will fit my car, he refers me to sylvania's automotive lighting guide and sure enoughI see that the reference numbers. The only thing is it gives me two numbers 2057 and 3057. 

Lets call the first bulb A. A has interchangeable part numbers:
1157 bay15d 154 2057 2357 2397 3497 1016 1034 7528

Bulb B has interchangeable part numbers:
3057 3155 3157 3357 3457 4057 4157 3056 3156 3356

They're both completely different bulbs I'm assuming but they both are compatible with my car says Sylvania. But I don't understand why they separated them like that. Which one should I be getting. The 2057 compatible or the 3057 compatible? Or will both of them work either way?