Aug / 12

Widow's benefit, family maximum and income limits.?

                        I really need some help as I can't seem to find anyone in social security that knows what there talking about.   

I was widowed with 2 children a few years ago,  we have all been collecting survivors benefits based on my late husbands earnings record.   I am in a catch 22 situation where if I work to much I would loose a portion of my benefits.   

Right now I and my two children each get a benefit based on 75 percent of my husbands benefit.  However there is a family maximum of 175%, meaning we all get 58 percent of his benefit when its divided between us.  

If I were to work more hours and receive a smaller benefit amount on my portion from social security would my children's benefits increase as there would be more money left to go around?  

If anyone could answer this and point me at some documentation I could take to the social security office it would be a life saver.   Right now I have to work part time and watch my hours closely to maximize the quality of life for my children.

Please help, 
Thank you