Dec / 15

Xanax before the dentist?

                        I'm 18. I have a dental appt tomorow. at 9. i havent been to the dentist in a while. i was there a couple weeks ago, and had 2 cavaties filled. Tomorrow i'm probley getting 2 more filled. its freaking me out. last time i went i had a anxiety attack.. or at least the dentist and i thought. also i couldnt breath and i was shaking BAD. Just having like a lot of things in my mouth and having the drilling going on... freaks me out. sooo i wanna know if its ok if i take a Xanax before i go tomorrow or when should i take it? Ive never tooken one before and i wanna just not freak out like i did last time...

how many to take?
when to take em?
and is it ok to even take em?

the dentist will just give me shots to Numb me. He did 3 last time. Probley the same again tomorrow.