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RE: How to inject oxy op? by tom thompson


sand it down-literally with low grit sand paper- as fine as possible, after removing coating. spread on ceramic/glass plate microwave until golden brown, approx 5-7 min. but keep a close fuckin eye on it, cuz it WILL burn! place in freezer ten min. scrape into spoon cook it like you normally do but, then, draw it up, and shoot it back in to a second clean spoon filter again and repeat this a minimum of three times.- the first filter will be really sticky and the last shouldn't be sticky at all- then do what you do. this is my spin on the popular "rurik" method wich he openly posts he only tried five times. my "adjustments" are the result of daily practice.  though keep in mind i wrote this as though i was explaining it to someone who already knows their way around a rig, so if youve never IV'ed before...uh...just dont. love peace and chicken grease.