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RE: Is abayomi aaliyah voodoo geniune? i have ... by chelie


Hi i am about to purchase a talisman from him...has yours worked? please let me know


  • dean Jan 25
    He is a scam artist. Do not give this man your money. The positive testimonials were all written by him. He will contact you before getting your money and during the period he says the spell will work (usually six months), but will not respond once the six months pass and you report that the spell has not woreked. He will say the spells are guaranteed but if you read his site carefully, it says the opposite. Read the legal disclaimer from his page: Spells cannot be refunded due to the amount of time and materials used in performing them. Spell casting is an art, not a science therefore, making it somewhat unpredictable. We do not refund for any spell casting nor do we exchange items or spells. All sales are final. Also, Paypal cannot guarantee a refund after 45 days so he says six months. Abayomi AAliyah is a scam artist who will take your money, trust, and pain for his profits. Save your money.
  • wendy Apr 13
    U should try out priest Saiyad Hussian he is geniune he delivers results on a specific date. i had a love spell done from him and i was amazed by the results. he uses some muslim powers and charges very little of what these scam artists ask for. his contact is
  • onlyYou Apr 28
    Dear "Wendy",
      How did you come across Saiyad Hussian? Pls tell us more. Thank you.
  • bathula May 17
    I think all is scam!!!!
  • Wendy Jun 01
    One of my friends had a spell casted from him and he told me that it worked so i had mine done by him too and as he sad on the given date it worked.
  • Jenneh Jun 03
    Saiyad charge me a lot of money the sum of $300.00 like the other scammers..
  • Wendy Jun 05
    I got my spell done from saiyad and it worked so as long as i get results im happy.
  • yakiu Jun 12
    Wendy, why not you leave your contact email for anyone to contact you for further information?
    Jenneh, what spell and how you being charged for 300?
  • Richard Jun 13
    Thnx a lot wendy. I used this priest as well and i gt my results in 10 days. He produces results. I wil hv some mre spells dne by him.
  • bathula Jun 14
    little wendy, you have already gotten all your spells completed by this man. Why are you still actively checking on this post? Is it you are fake too? Give us your contact number if you are authentic and real.
  • bathula Jun 14
    Richard & Wendy, how comes both of you appeared and replied on the same day and same timeframe?
  • jb Jul 06
    We had spells he aaliyah we still wait something happen who geniune real .
  • bajaja Jul 10
    Abayomi Aalyiah is a pure scam :) On main page is "30 days guarrantee" but bellow of "Terms of service" is a notice: "Spells cannot be refunded due to the amount of time and materials used in performing them. Spell casting is an art, not a science therefore, making it somewhat unpredictable. We do not refund for any spell casting nor do we exchange items or spells. All sales are final." You can find it here:
  • Gerttrude Aug 06
    Need a powerful true spell caster contact 
  • Gerttrude Aug 06
  • Ster Dormt Aug 09
    The government should investigate him. He is a lier. He harms people by lying and taking peoples money.
  • Kurtst Aug 09
    abayomi aaliyah, be a man and do not victimize women by lying to them.
  • Kat Aug 14
    Who is
  • Gertrude Sep 04 is a powerful and true spell caster.
  • Kat Sep 13
    Anyone here use the ifa guy except for Gertrude? I want to hear from someone else.
  • Kate Williams Oct 23
    Saiyad Hussian is really amazing. I got a get lover back spell and it worked in 6 days. Thanks to him iam back with my boyfriend. Dont waste your time with other people. He is genuine and real.
  • Kat Oct 24
    Kate Siyad is a scam and dont get result you god dam liar
  • bloodyscam-victim Nov 09
    Don't listen to all these....scam!!!!
  • Racheal Nov 13
    I have tried this priest Salen Chaudary. He uses the Indrajaal to do his work. He delivered results in 3 days to me. So if you looking for a geniune caster try him out. His email address is
  • Rollen Nov 14
    Racheal can u try to explain more since i know indrajaal is real. What kind of spell did you get from this priest and how much did he carge you. Please explain more so we can know if he is for real.
  • Racheal Nov 15
    I got a return a lover spell from Priest Salen Chaudary. My return a lover spell worked in 3 days. Indrajaal is an ancient indian book and there are spells for nearly everything in that book but only some priests who have did this for so many years are capable of doing it. You can search about indrajaal if you want. He charged me $250 USD for the spell and m so happy that my money did not go to waste like spending on other scammers who fooled me. So if you wana try go ahead.
  • Grek Nov 21
    This woman Wendy is a liar. Saiyad Hussian is a SCAM!!  Be careful! He will take your money only.
  • Rollen Nov 21
    I have purchased a return a lover spell from priest salen chaudary. Hope i get my results soon.
  • Rollen Nov 23
    OMG m so happy i am bck with my boyfriend nw. I couldnt believe it but priest salen chaudary made it happen within 5 days. He called and begged to be with me. Thank u so much racheal.
  • Cristine Nov 25
    i had a spell casted by Saiyad Hussian and it worked. I found him to be quite honest and always kept me updated on what was happening. I think if my spell worked then others should too.
  • pebbles Nov 29
    Racheal how did u find about Priest Salen Chaudary beacuse ,i coudnt find anytn abt him over the internet?
    i want to kno more about him,it would be really nice of you if u could help
  • Racheal Dec 02
    One of my friends used him for a spell and told me and then i used him and found him to be a genuine and if you want to know more about indajaal you can search for it.
  • Yap Chun Dec 03
    Salen chaudary good spell caster. Me use and got results.
  • Edna Dec 12
    Priest Salen chaudary is a man of god he delivers results so fast. I cant believe how he did it hes just amazing.
  • Bob Dec 12
    Salen chaudry is he for real i was just scam by a women call Josephine and almost was going to get abayomi  till i did some online searching and how does Salen work and were could I find him to be found?
  • Bob Dec 12
    Noy really good with computer try to send him a message trow Rachel message but it failed so i sent him 1 trow my gmail account it should work ?
  • Sweety Dec 19
    Thank god i found dis post and contactd priest Salen Chaudary. He is just awesome. I cant believe dat im marying my bf so fast and we had broken up. Thank you so much for your help priest.
  • Roby Jan 03
    Wow i won $12000 after i had a money spell casted by Priest Salen Chaudary. He helped me clear my bills and all. I am so grateful to him. He is for real.
  • Lissa Jan 09
    I used Salen Chaudhary and got no results,  he claims he sacrifices animals. I was told the day I was going go the casino I would win big, I came back broke. I saw his reviews and were all positive hence the reason why I chose him but he is a scam artist like all the others. Is their a genuine person out there that is honest.
  • Lissa Jan 11
    Mr Salen Chaudhary is a very honest and geniune person.  I am apologizing for  a bad review I wrote about him.  I sincerely apologise to him for being very unfair and I hope that it did not hinder anyone from contacting him for his services.  I to myself have purchase two spells from him and am awaiting on the results,  Mr Chaudhary is a man of his words and very sincere
  • Robin Jan 15
    I got a love spell from him and it worked in the allocated time he gave me. Salen Chaudary is geniune.
  • Gene Jan 27
    Has anyone heard of a spell caster by the name of Salen Cahudary? I'm about to do a consultation with him and I'm just wondering if anyone has had a positive or negative experience with him. 
  • Laura Jan 27
    I had a love spell casted by him and it worked in 4 days. My bf came back running 2 me and we r so happy 2geda nw. He is geniune and does wateva he says. Feel free 2 consult him. His email is salenchaudary@
  • Gene Jan 27
    Laura, thanks for your response! Where is he located and what info did you need to give him before he did the spell for you?
  • Laura Jan 28
    4 my love spell i gve him both our pics and names n addreses n date f births.
  • Lee Feb 09
    Abayomi Aaliyah is 100 % LIAR and SCAMMER ! I paid him almost 1.000 USD and he wasted my time with his fake promises and at the end he blackmailed me that he will distribute my photos over internet. hy FBI, INTERPOL etc dont put him in jail ????
  • Lee Feb 09
    And all FAKE positive testimonials posted here and another websites are 100 % posted by him. Abayomi Aaliyah and his website arre 100 % SCAMM
  • DeDe Feb 28
    have abayomi aaliyah help any one i just had a spell cast by him and he gave me instruction for 7 day before the spell can be cast.